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Antaris is an agency of bright advertisement

Welcome to the site of the outdoor advertising agency ANTARIS!

The outdoor advertising agency ANTARIS is a Ukrainian company specializing in advertising activities using outdoor advertising. Thanks to the modern marketing tools and many years of experience in the market, our team is able to quickly carry out even the most powerful campaigns on outdoor advertising media in Kiev, in any region of Ukraine, in several areas at the same time, or – deployed – in all areas of the state. At the same time, we are not limited to renting advertising planes. Our experts organize for you a creative, effective advertising company from start to finish (with the choice of the best designs, with the development of the correct layouts of advertising appeals, with full documentary support and photo reports). Such a "set" of services will help your business to occupy and retain strategically important positions in selected niches with minimal investment and without time loss.

ANTARIS Agency: not only large-format outdoor advertising

Bigboards in Kiev – as well as in any other large city of Ukraine – are by no means the only popular carriers from the category of outdoor advertising. After all, in the modern media market, many tasks to communicate with the target audience can no longer be effectively addressed only by large and static designs. But with complex "orders" compact carriers and dynamic outdoor advertising can easily cope: scrolls, citylights, trolls, backlits, pillars, unipolis, pillons, holders, advertising on bridges, video boards or prisms. They can be installed in any crowded place, they are "conspicuous", they can provide an opportunity for advertising contact with the audience, even in very difficult conditions. Our agency has the most extensive database of such structures. Therefore, with us, any options are possible: traditional renting of bigboards in Kiev or Ukraine, placement of advertising on special media, and a mix of any kinds of designs you like. Our outdoor advertising agency in Kiev (as, indeed, throughout Ukraine) is a leader in the list of key players in the outdoor advertising market. But this fact is far from the only argument in favor of cooperation with our team. ANTARIS is a close-knit team of professionals in their field. And to become a client of our organization means to enlist the support of a competent and responsible partner. Thanks to many years of experience and well-coordinated work, we clearly and unmistakably organize and implement your advertising strategy. After all, experience allows us to take into account all the features and nuances of this complex sphere; it is experience that allows us to conduct advertising campaigns for our customers with maximum efficiency. At the same time, our wide range of advertising constructions (only the bigboards of Ukraine are represented in our database by more than two tens of thousands of planes) will allow you to communicate with potential customers without budget dispersion, in a short time and with maximum compliance with your requirements for audience selection.

Outdoor advertising (Kiev, Kiev region, Ukraine) – six advantages of working with the agency "Antaris":

1. Speed! The technical and intellectual support of the agency allows us to conduct even the largest advertising campaigns in a short time;

2. Availability! Our flexible pricing policy is oriented toward long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, rather than on quick profit-taking;

3. Professionalism! A well-established system of advertising campaigns will save your time, allow you to invest more competently in promotion and bring bright results not in the "distant future", but "here" and "now";

4. Freedom of choice! We are waiting for you the most complete range of outdoor advertising designs, from "classics of the genre" (banners and billboards in Kiev, in any regional center and on intercity routes with the most intensive traffic) to "exotic" (for example, firewalls and video boards); 

5. Convenience and quality! The complex placement of outdoor advertising across Ukraine will allow you to communicate quickly through us with the audience of any part of the country;

6. Honesty and efficiency! We guarantee our customers timely delivery of photo reports on our advertising campaigns, as well as control over the turnover of the necessary legal and accounting documentation.

ANTARIS: convenience of work – for any tasks

The comfort of the client for our team is very important. Therefore, we have provided for you several options for choosing advertising designs. With our agency, with our services you can:

  • Independently select the appropriate planes in our online store (our outdoor advertising agency updates the price lists regularly and always monitors the relevance of the information placed in the database);
  • Order the preparation of the address program for your marketing tasks to our specialists (this can be done online, by phone or in any other way); 
  • Get advice from our professionals on the choice of planes or on any other issue related to outdoor advertising.

We promise: no matter what the size of your advertising budget, and no matter how important our advertising agency plays in solving your marketing problems, the prices for our services will be fair and competitive, and the service will meet the strictest European standards . Call or write to us, without delay: to work with us conveniently, efficiently and inexpensively.

The services of our agency on the Internet are on request:

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