Biggest Advertising Poster by Ford

Biggest Advertising Poster by Ford In the heart of Madrid, on the famous house "Spain", there appeared an incredibly large banner. The building with twenty-five floors, and the height of 117 metres was built in 1953. Now one of the symbols of the capital is now under reconstruction. And the Spanish branch of Ford took advantage of this. The overall scale of the banner is 5,264 sq.m., which can be compared with the size of 20 tennis courts, and the weight is 2 tons. The banner was being installed by 7 people for two days. The poster depicted the advertising of the new compact crossover Ford Eco Sport. The advertising could not remain unnoticed by the Guinness Book of Records that confirmed the banner was the largest in the world and handed over a certificate to representatives of Ford. Previously, the record belonged to LG, with its G3 Smartphone. The advertising banner will be demolished in a month, and the canvas itself will be sent to the centre processing recyclables. Superior Ford Eco Sport, a compact SUV with a new safety technology, fresh design and smart all-wheel drive, will be released on the German market in March.