Humor and outdoor advertising: joking over the audience - received $ 66 million in 2 days

Humor and outdoor advertising: joking over the audience - received $ 66 million in 2 days
An excellent example of using humor for commercial purposes once again demonstrated by US advertisers: thanks to billboards with "non-serious" subjects, they managed to get very serious money from ticket sales for a new studio Universal - an animated film "The Grinch" in just one weekend.

Cash fees only in the United States for the first two days of rolling stories about the green Christmas thief totaled $ 66 million. The total amount of proceeds from the sale of tickets to the film, released on big screens on November 8, 2018, already 10 days after the start of the shows amounted to $ 163 million (more than twice the amount invested in the production of the cartoon). Of course, the time to sum up the cash receipts - even where the prime minister has already taken - has not yet come. In addition, in a number of countries, the tape output is expected only in the second half of the last month of the year (for example, in the Ukrainian cinemas, the first hits of the " Grinch" are scheduled for December 20).

The main character of the movie "The Grinch" is a creature with a bad character (the character hates Christmas, does not digest everything that is associated with him, does not love people, and wickedly jokes on them as soon as this opportunity is turned up). It was with the emphasis on this personality trait of the character of the universal marketers and built an advertising campaign: with billboards and firewalls, Grinch, with a faint smile, wittily "teasing" people, "stepping" on their "favorite corns".

Designers have created several variants of "mocking" layouts for outdoor advertising with customization for a specific audience. On one of them, the protagonist of the tape is joking over the people sitting on the diets. With huge billboards located close to popular gyms and healthy food restaurants, the green "miracle" with a grim grin says, "I added gluten to your stomach ...".

In the next series of billboards (this time located on the main highways of Los Angeles and in locations with local attractions), Grinch pisses at visitors coming to the "city of angels" as tourists and "seekers of happiness". The character is wicked (as far as it can turn out to be a nice coat of green wool), "comes" to the guests of the metropolis: "Enough to come to Los Angeles - it's already full under the eyebrows!".
Grinch does not ignore and novice actors who come to experience luck in the famous Californian movie city. The green with sarcasm appeals to future stars: "Oh, do you dream of building a career in Hollywood? Tell me later how you got it all ...". However, it gets to the old-timers of the film factory. Grinch (who himself is a product of the Hollywood industry) trolls the local creative brother to a joke about the lack of their ability to create something new: "Another remake? Hope you're proud of yourself, Hollywood! "

Particular attention to the thief of Christmas was given to the New York conquests. On huge media carriers installed on the main inner roads of the metropolis, Grinch advises the drivers with a grim grin: "The signal is louder! It will help you move faster ...". From other shields, the character mocks at motorists trying to find a free space for parking on crowded highways of the city: "Good luck with parking" - is reported with banners shining with his sarcastic smile. It is "nuts" and ordinary people of "Big Apple". "Rude: Loud, Evil: New Yorkers are my people," Grinch says authoritatively.

According to the plans of the Universal Student marketers, the placement of advertising on billboards and other Out-Of-Home category media should have contributed to attracting attention to the film in a wider audience than it usually happens with animation paintings (the tape was intended not only for family viewing). And their plan worked: on the results of the first days of sales among the visitors of cinemas who bought tickets to The Grinch, 18% were young people in the age range of 18 to 24 years old (which is not typical for cartoons).

The project discussed above clearly demonstrates that the rules of effective promotion work for any product (even if it is a cartoon):

1. Before you start selling something, you need to create as accurately as possible "portraits" of key customers;
2. Creating promotional materials should be "sharpened" for each of the main segments of the target audience (and in optimal performance - for each individual need of customers);
3. Communication with potential clients will be more effective if the credits are created as "focused" and "personal" (if the buyer believes that the offer is addressed to him, and not "to all" - the chances of creating loyalty to the advertised object increase in times) ;
4. Creative, witty and unusual advertising makes sales, and "standard" - just tells about products and services. In our case, the "humorous" humor of advertisers who worked on the goal of promoting " Grinch 2018" provoked a real storm of discussions in social networks. This provided the film advertising an additional "viral effect" of high power, which without delay had a positive effect on the sale of tickets.
5. Any billboard advertisement works with better results if you prepare a well thought-out address program prior to the placement (it is more profitable to rent the structures, relying on the probability of receiving advertising contacts with the target audience, rather than focusing only on the price per month of placement or simply on the density of pedestrian or transport streams at the location).