Outdoor advertising continues to gain momentum in the global market

Outdoor advertising continues to gain momentum in the global market
According to the MAGNA analytical agency for 2019, of the traditional tools for communication with customers, only outdoor advertising (out-of-home carriers) continued to strengthen its position in the global market. While other non-electronic channels (television, radio, and print media) around the world continue to experience a drop in sales or show a sluggish growth of less than 1%, the outdoor advertising segment continues to maintain a market trend that has been following for 9 years: it is growing steadily with an average rate of just over 4 percent per year.

According to MAGNA experts, the situation on the global advertising market will not change dramatically in the next five years: out-of-home will still gain momentum (according to forecasts - with an increase of about 3 percent per year), and the remaining non-digital media will be slow lose positions (up to 2% per year).

Regarding general forecasts for the global advertising market in 2019, in earlier reports, MAGNA experts were optimistic (despite the absence of major cyclical events - elections, championships and other events). According to them, the economy will remain strong and the upward trend in profits in the sector will continue. In particular, this year, sales revenue from market operators will amount to 600 billion US dollars.

MAGNA Agency (New York, USA) is a company specializing in analytical research and development of investment strategies for its shareholders and customers. The organization is part of the international group IPG Mediabrands (this is one of the members of the famous Big Four advertising market with annual revenues of $ 9 billion (as of 2018).