Tasty outdoor advertising - a direct path to the heart of the client

 Tasty outdoor advertising - a direct path to the heart of the client
Delicious advertising - in the figurative meaning of this expression, relating to creativity or the juiciness of the design - a reliable way to reach the potential buyer of goods and services. And what if the path to the heart of the consumer literally lies through the stomach? The OpenTable team recently conducted an experiment in finding truth in this field in London (this is an international restaurant reservation service). At the beginning of July 2019, this company installed a unique billboard on one of the lively streets of the English metropolis, which depicted areas of the capital of Great Britain - each with its own gastronomic features.

The unusual billboard was divided into a dozen and a half segments with doors (in accordance with the existing parts of the city). Through them, residents and guests of London could get a portion of the delicacies for which restaurants of a particular area are famous. Thus, by knocking in the Lambeth Boro, one could get one of the dishes of Turkish cuisine for tasting. Looking in Bromley - to become the happy owner of a portion of Japanese sushi. And opening the door in the area of Tower Hamlets - to appreciate the taste of excellent Bangladeshi Biryani.

A huge billboard with treats was created by creative advertisers on Euston Road, not far from Kings Cross station (the one from which world famous Harry Potter went on his first trip to Hogwarts). And I must say, this is a very busy place. In addition to the traditional passenger traffic for such locations, tourists from all over the world strive to get here - there is a platform 9? at the train station, there are various art objects associated with the famous wizard (who can make a cool selfie), and even a huge souvenir shop on the subject of works by Joan Rowling.

The edible billboard copies the interactive map posted on the OpenTable website. Hovering the mouse over one of the districts of London, a visitor to the resource in a pop-up window can read a brief list of the specialties of cuisine restaurants in this part of the city. And by clicking on one of the segments - go to the list of institutions in this boro and book a table (if any of the proposals interest him).

Apparently, the OpenTable team succeeded with edible outdoor advertising: tens of thousands of Londoners and guests of the metropolis saw the unique billboard and - most importantly - started talking about it (the event received wide publicity in social networks). This once again proves that even one billboard (if you choose the right place for it and creatively submit an advertising idea) can bring fame to an advertiser, which, as a rule, is converted into popularity.