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Employees of the outdoor advertising agency ANTARIS are sincerely looking forward to your visit to our site. We hope that we managed to make it as comfortable as possible for use and our "old" and new friends will be 100% satisfied with ergonomics and filling the resource. At the same time, we "out of habit" believe that computer technology will not soon be able to completely replace the living communication between a person and a person. If you also think so, we will be glad to continue our dialogue in any other (convenient for you) form.

We are waiting for your calls and letters, and they are important to us! Therefore do not hesitate to "distract" our managers on any occasion – if you have any questions regarding outdoor advertising, if you "just want to ask for price", and even if you "do not know what to choose when advertising media you need to ask." We ourselves will ask you clarifying questions, and your answers to them will help us make that very commercial offer, "from which they do not refuse."

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We are located at the following address:

Kiev, 5-A Grigorenko Avenue, office 305

Go to the stop "Prospect Grigorenko" by the following means of transport:
from the metro station "Kharkivska": bus No. 108, marshrutka No. 599,
from the metro station "Pozniaky": marshrutka No. 475,
from the metro station "Livoberezhna": bus No. 108, 42; marshrutka No. 599, 178
from the metro station "Boryspilska": marshrutka No. 178.

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