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 Creative design in outdoor advertising: Oscar for the main role

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In percent or rational-mathematical proportions, the role of correct design in the success (effectiveness) of an advertising campaign is difficult to estimate. But it is huge: for the working layout convinces the audience of anything (that the politician is honest, that the vacuum cleaner will cope with the difficult task that yogurt is useful, and the bank is reliable), and idle advertising only tells that the advertised company has money for the rental of advertising media. Of course, the second option itself is also not bad (after all, on a subconscious level, looking at a billboard or sitylite, we understand: if a customer has money to conduct an advertising campaign, then his product or service is in demand, which means we should try to become a client this organization). But only this way of persuading the audience is ineffective (if it's not about purely image advertising) and roads. For a more subtle influence on potential buyers, we need a different approach.

Do you know the principle of AIDA?

Marketers (if they are quoted in a generalized and simplified version of the retelling of their opinions) argue: the minimum set of functions that must perform a convincing advertising appeal, consists of four points. The first of them is attraction of ATTENTION. The second task to be solved is an appeal to consumer INTEREST. The third stage is the excitement of DESIRE to have an advertised object. And the fourth – "kick" to ACTION "not putting off in a long box".


In large-scale outdoor advertising (in most cases), the first stage of the AIDA principle is realized using eloquent visual images and catchy, catchy, but short phrases (preferably on a spacious contrasting background). The importance of this stage is clear: if advertising does not attract the attention of a potential buyer (client, voter), the remaining efforts to persuade the audience will be in vain.


In the second stage (as already mentioned above), it is necessary to provoke the consumer interest of the potential buyer to the advertised object. When developing a creative design in outdoor advertising, this is especially difficult to do (after passing the outdoor designs the audience passes and passes very quickly). But experienced masters own such tools. For this, slogans and short appeals are excellent: "The fastest Internet", "The latest model of the smartphone at half price"; "Call 0 cents for all numbers" and other similar phrases.

A wish

At this stage, advertising convinces a potential buyer that the advertised object is worthy to be bought (signed a contract, voted, visited). This is not always noticeable at first sight, but in creative mock-ups for outdoor advertising from real gurus of craft this element is always present. A happily smiling housewife with whom Mr. Muscle helped solve problems with cleaning, the big (surprised) eyes of the model who saw the "super discount" in the shopping center, the laughing child sitting on the floor in the advertisement of "warm floors" – all these images (at different levels awareness) point to our desire to own this or that subject "from advertising."


Under the influence of the principles of retroactive and proactive interference, a person very quickly forgets everything that did not impose on his consciousness a "deep imprint." In other words, if the advertisement persuaded the user that "the XXX tablet is a product that is very necessary for it," then in the case of procrastination for a day, a week or a fortnight, the importance of such a decision is guaranteed to fade. That is why advertising uses motivators from the category "Have time to buy with a discount", "Offer is limited" and "The first 100 buyers will receive a gift".

Creative design for outdoor advertising in the agency ANTARIS

In the company of ANTARIS, a professional team is working on creative design for outdoor advertising, the participants of which have many years of experience in creating the right offers. Our knowledge in the development of compelling plots for communication with the audiences of different cities of Ukraine serve our clients as an additional advantage to the list of our advantages.

Remember: if an advertising appeal WORKS (convinces, creates a positive image, helps sell the product), then even a single billboard can lead to you customers. If advertising does not work, even a hundred designs will be almost useless. And if the advertising appeal causes a negative reaction in relation to the advertised object, the number of clients of the advertiser firm (available, and those who could become them in the short term) will be reduced. Order the creative design in ANTARIS, and your advertising will be effective!

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