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 Extenders – a way to stand out №1

If you are looking for a non-standard way of advertising with a small budget, take a closer look at extenders. This term denotes a "supplement" to the standard advertising structure, which "breaks" its usual format, ensuring the attracting of precious attention of potential buyers.

Of course, extenders are slightly more expensive advertising campaign. However, according to marketers, their effectiveness is worth it. In addition, such advertising often becomes a subject of discussion in social networks. And this, you will agree, is a completely different level of effectiveness.

The price is negotiable.

Method № 2 – outdoor advertising large format

One of the most non-standard (in all senses of the word) method of communication with the audience is advertising on large format. This term refers to giant canvases with an advertising "picture" (their size is limited only by the area of ​​the wall on which you plan to install the banner).

This size of advertising can not be left without attention. And if to communicate with potential customers through the large format and still come up creatively, the effect of the campaign will pleasantly surprise you.

The price is negotiable.

The third method is backlight

If your target audience is those residents of the city who can afford to spend their free time not on TV or computer, but in cinemas, cafes, restaurants, clubs and other similar institutions – you will have to learn the secrets that stand out against the background of other designs with a bright "evening »Advertising. Backlinks will help you in this matter.

As soon as twilight descends on the city, your advertising appeal gently illuminated from inside the structure by fluorescent lamps will shine with a special "deep" radiation and will surely "attract" the attention of pedestrians, drivers and passengers of vehicles.

The price is negotiable.

Outdoor advertising: the way to stand out № 4

On what your potential buyers really will pay attention – so it's on three-dimensional copies of your goods or various three-dimensional figures, creatively representing your company. Huge cake hanging under the ceiling of a supermarket, a huge rocket with your logo on board, or a figure of the famous wolf from the animated film "Once upon a time there was a dog" with a banner "Well, come in, if that" in front of the restaurant of the national cuisine – this way of communication with the audience is guaranteed You from the total mass of posters, boards, posters.

Bulk advertising is an amazing space for finding new ideas, and with the right approach, investing in the production of three-dimensional figures to promote your goods and services will quickly give you abundant dividends. Given that for the solution of most problems in voluminous advertising foam is used, and modern CNC machines cope with the figured cutting of this material very quickly, you will not spend much time implementing your ideas, and the cost of works will not particularly strain your "traditional" budget.

The price is negotiable.

Unusual mobile advertising – the way to stand out № 5

Branded shuttle buses and trams are hardly anyone's surprise. However, the potential of mobile advertising is not yet exhausted, and for those who want to stand out today there are a couple of ways to attract the attention of the audience. In particular, in our agency you can order:

Placement of advertising on cycle-lightboxes (special constructions installed on trailers of bicycles). This kind of promotion of goods and services is perfect for companies that promote eco-products and goods for people who prefer an active lifestyle.

The price is negotiable.

Placement of advertising on floating structures (AQUA-BOARD). Such advertising medium is installed in crowded places, or "rolled" on a trailer for motor boats along the beaches and coastal cafes.

The price is negotiable.

Non-standard auto-advertisement. At our disposal there is a whole fleet of cars with special trailers and technical options for adjusting this park for any tasks. With this technique, you can realize the boldest of your projects and place your advertising anywhere in the city where traffic is allowed.

The price is negotiable.

Advertising Man – Advertising Man – "Traveling Advertising" 1250х550. With the help of advertising on such designs, you can get advertising contacts with the right audience anywhere (even where there was never any outdoor advertising, or where the cost of advertising is "above the clouds" – in the park, on the beach, in the yard of a particular house, and also on the central streets of the city, at your chosen supermarkets and in other crowded places).

The price is negotiable.

Method № XXXXX

You do not need to move along a route on which another advertiser has already left his tracks. Entrust us the task of surprising your potential customers, and we will invent for you such a way of promoting your goods and services, which even your competitors will be delighted to speak of.

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