Personal targeted program

Advertising is the main tool for the development of any business. In each case, it acts for the benefit of the advertiser in different directions: 


  • By communicating with the target audience through the media, you can find new partners or clients;
  • With the help of advertising, you can maintain the current level of sales (for example, neutralizing the hyperactivity of competitors) or to achieve turnover growth; 
  • Telling customers about their offers through various advertising media, you can bring to the market new brands, new products, new services. 


In the end, all we expect from advertising is one: that the volume of net profit from publicity events exceed the amount of investment in promotion (and the more the difference, the better). 

For outdoor advertising, the final requirements are the same. In this case, this method of "communication" with potential customers is very effective (after all, not to notice the billboard or firewall – if it is in a good place – very difficult). But the advertising of Out-Of-Home has its own specific features. One of them is the need to correctly compile an address program. In this matter you will be helped by professionals of the outdoor advertising agency ANTARIS.

Why do advertisers choose our agency?

Selection of the design of our expert – the guarantee of effective advertising
Our experience guarantees the growth of your profit and brand recognition
Our loyalty program saves your budget
With us it is easy and comfortable to cooperate in the implementation of any advertising campaign

The main advantage of cooperation with the outdoor advertising agency ANTARIS our advertisers consider the long – term experience of project managers of our company in the outdoor market of Ukraine. And this is true: since 2008, our professionals have managed to carefully study the specifics of the promotion of goods and services in different business niches and have established strong business contacts with related organizations and partners (printing houses, suppliers of large – format printing materials, other advertising agencies, logistics services and companies, serving the design of outdoor advertising).

But most importantly – our experts know exactly which of the billboards in the area of ​​crossing the Circular Road and Ludwig Svoboda Avenue in Kharkov is in demand more often than others. They know exactly on which street in Odessa the citylights "sell" goods and services more efficiently. They will unerringly answer the question: "In which area of ​​Kiev is it more profitable to hang a firewall?".

In addition – and this can fundamentally influence the effectiveness of the campaign – our professionals can unerringly identify the ideal place for placing your outdoor advertising for the most productive "communication" with your target audience. They will say without preparation that it will be more useful for your tasks: 

  • Place advertising on pillars in the central areas of the city or rent billboards at the entrances to the airport;
  • To buy a hundred citylights in front of food supermarkets for a month or within the same budget, order advertising on prisms near a dozen local car dealerships; 
  • To hang the trolls at the entrances to the city parks or to choose the unipoles at the junctions of the intercity routes.

The factors listed above allow us to confidently offer our clients the opportunity to place outdoor advertising on the best designs of Ukraine and with OPTIMUM CONDITIONS of cooperation.

Contact us – and we will develop an individual address program for your advertising campaign in the shortest possible time, taking into account all the nuances and peculiarities of your marketing tasks, and also help you to realize your media events with the participation of outdoor advertising (from the stage of discussion of ideas to the moment of the report on the done works) quickly, without a "headache" and with maximum economic effect!

Entrust your advertisement to adverse professionals!

You are making business or having a rest
We are realizing profitable advertising campaign for you

How much time will you spend?

3-10 minutes

to make an order and to receive in 30 minutes reasoned targeted program

5-20 minutes

to approve targeted program

15 minutes

to sign agreement (work of a lawyer)

5 minutes

to pay (work of an accountant)

All fuss and bother we take upon ourselves!

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