Company ANTARIS – full package of services of the agency of outdoor advertising

Agency ANTARIS is a modern organization with many years of successful experience in the market of media buying services in Ukraine, specializing in outdoor advertising. With our help – in tandem with the consultants of the agency, or working independently with the services of our site – you will be able to conduct an advertising campaign on billboards and other outdoor advertising in Ukraine, Kiev, or other cities of the country without extra efforts.

Including, we are ready to offer you our support at such stages as:
  • Preparation of a competent plan for outdoor advertising (for example, in one case – to reach a wide audience in a short time, in another – to communicate with potential customers of certain locations, or in the third – for low-cost "reminding" advertising);
  • The choice of the optimal types of structures for the most effective solution of the tasks of advertising campaigns (from the catalog of billboards, brandmauers, trolls and video boards, or from the list of citylights, scrolls, backlits, pillars, pylons, yunipols, holders, bridges and other structures – features of the advertised object);
  • Selection of priority points of impact on the audience, taking into account the nature and nuances of your advertising campaign (at intersections or near supermarkets, on the station squares or on interurban routes, in the pedestrian zone at a particular facility, at the entrance to the airport or – massively – in the sleeping areas of selected cities );
  • Design of targeted programs (selection of specific outdoor advertising in specific places with "jewelry" accuracy based on all the data listed above).Moreover, experts of our outdoor advertising agency will help you with the development of convincing and vivid advertising messages (with the passage of all the attendant stages – from setting / agreeing the goals and objectives of the advertising campaign, including the work of the creator and designer over advertising, ending with "testing" groups and checking the compliance of the layout with the technical requirements of the printing house). Also, we can take over the printing of large-format printing for your advertising activities with the strictest control of the resolution of the "picture" (depending on how far it is viewed), the quality of the paper, the film or banner fabric, the color accuracy and other nuances . In addition, our team will assume responsibility for the prompt placement of advertisements on rented billboards (in whatever city an advertising campaign takes place), collect photos for the photo report on the work performed and control the issue of timely document circulation.
Thanks to the long period of operation of our outdoor advertising agency in the Ukrainian market, we offer our customers for accommodation only outdoor advertising with proven effectiveness. And thanks to special binging programs and large advertising flows passing through us, we can make our customers the most profitable offers in both the integrated placement of outdoor advertising and low-budget projects. Call us, not postponing: with us the "engine of trade" is guaranteed to work in the interests of your business at maximum speed!!!

Entrust your advertisement to adverse professionals!

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How much time will you spend?

3-10 minutes

to make an order and to receive in 30 minutes reasoned targeted program

5-20 minutes

to approve targeted program

15 minutes

to sign agreement (work of a lawyer)

5 minutes

to pay (work of an accountant)

All fuss and bother we take upon ourselves!

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