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Development of design for the billboard (as, in fact, creating effective advertising for any means of communication with the target audience) is a very important task. After all, how well the advertising appeal or the offer is constructed, the indicators of communicative efficiency of any media campaign directly depend. Put at least a thousand bigboards, place the designs in the best of the best places ... But! If your advertising appeal does not tell potential customers about your product or service in a favorable light for you, if it does not communicate important information and does not contribute to the formation of the desired point of view for your audience (or does not go unnoticed at all) – the effect of such advertising on the dynamics of indicators in Your business will be minimal.
The outdoor advertising agency Antaris is a team of professionals with whom your funds for the promotion of goods or services will work with maximum impact. Our specialists:
  • Help you with the generation of ideas for an information occasion; 
  • Will prompt working phrases; 
  • Choose bright images; 
  • "Pack" the developments in brief, but capacious proposals; 
Competently combine all the above "details" in the advertisement layout for bigboard or any other outdoor media in the best traditions of catchy, convincing, memorable design.

The page "Our works" presents a small part of the design of mock-ups for outdoor advertising from those that were created by the experts of our agency for advertisers of the company. We hope that these examples will be enough to enable you to judge the seriousness of our approach to the matter and make a positive decision regarding our work with us. Call or write to us today – and the very next day the most creative heads of our agency will think about solving the marketing problems of your business!

Entrust your advertisement to adverse professionals!

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